Dundon Portable Restroom Service is committed to providing you with a wide selection of clean & sanitized portable restrooms at competitive prices. Discover the difference with unparalleled service with state of the art, comfortable, convenient and stylish portable restroom equipment ideal for formal weddings, upscale parties, sporting events, informal small family gatherings, family reunions, seasonal rentals and construction sites.

Dundon's has the facilities to fit your needs... whatever the event!

Please call or e-mail us to assess your situation and let our professional staff find you a solution.

Listed below are the portable restrooms we have available:

20' Luxury Suite 
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This is the ultimate in portable restroom luxury! This unit comes loaded with all the comforts of home, this trailer has separate sides for Gentlemen and Ladies, and it is equipped with air conditioning, heat, a stereo, lights, sinks with hot and cold water and flushing toilets. 

Diplomat Trailer Units 
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This trailer offers 2 upscale and spacious restrooms.
Each unit is self contained, and includes a flushing toilet,
a fresh water sink, De'cor counter, recessed solar powered
LED interior lighting and a full size vanity mirror.

Prestige Restroom Trailer Units
These spacious "personal comfort zones on wheels"
are fully self contained, and offer two individual restrooms
with fresh water flush,
sink, light, full length mirror, soap,
paper towels, sanitary seat pads
and dual paper rolls.

VIP Trailer Units  Click on this photo for more VIP information.
This is a very impressive portable restroom. The trailers have 2or 4 units. Each unit is self contained and features a flushing porcelain toilet, a fresh water sink, interior lighting and mirror.

Dual Sink Wash Stations

Offering you and your guests our convenient clean-up station that provides up to 20 gallons of fresh, clean water tank - insuring proper hygiene, our two station unit offers fingertip-to-elbow washing and operates with a simple to use hands-free foot pump, for care-free operation.
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ADA Compliant
Wheelchair Accessible Units

easy ground level wheelchair access
and a
full 360° turning radius are designed
into these enlarged portable restroom units,
All of our ADA Compliant units have a 36 gallon
waste tank which provides an average 90 uses.
Heavy-duty hand rail supports.  Paper rolls supplied.

Elite Units
These are perfect for small family gatherings. These light gray portable restroom units have a 30 gallon fresh water tank and 70 gallon waste tank allowing for a maximum 150 average uses with a foot activated flush system, sink, hand sanitizer dispenser, paper towel dispenser,
waste paper baskets, dual paper rolls & sanitary seat pads.

Deluxe Units
These are upscale construction portable restroom units provide a 60 gallon waste tank which allows for a maximum 150 average uses… with dual paper rolls and sanitary seat pads, hand wash sink with fresh water and paper towel dispenser.

Standard Unit
All Dundon Standard Portable Restroom units have a 60 gallon waste tank allowing for maximum 150 average uses, with dual paper rolls and hand sanitizer dispenser.



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