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Ask about our handy dispenser of
Dry Biological Digestant for your
septic tanks and outhouses. 

Our formula consists of a
synergized blend of selectively
bacillus organisms and
enzymes. This unique 
combination generates a
four-phase attack on all forms
of organic matter.  One packet
of our microbial formula
contains approximately
300 billion bacterial organisms!

Our outhouse dispenser
conveniently holds 6 individual
treatment packets.


PRO-PUMP is a liquid microbial
additive that is specifically designed
to help maintain the proper biological
activity in your septic system









A septic system is something most people
would rather NOT think about, let alone fuss with!

Before any messy problems begin to rise to the surface
and start to smell...
call Dundon Plumbing to service your
underground septic tank!

In a septic system, a tar-like layer called the biomat forms near the surface and around the inner 
walls of the drain field. This biomat is made up of organic material which is home to billions of
microbes and naturally occurring bacteria. When the biomat grows too dense, it becomes a waxy
sludge that forms a waterproof barrier, preventing wastewater from being absorbed into the soil.

When soil absorption stops, ground soils flood. Unable to escape, water and
bio-waste matter backs-up in the septic tank... and into household plumbing.

The image above is often one of the first signs of soil failure in your septic system. 



As a licensed waste hauler - with a fleet of septic pump trucks - our crew of 
experienced and knowledgeable personnel offer year-round dependable service. 


Our Septic Service includes:

Septic Tank Cleaning Tank Location Septic Inspections Grease Trap Pumping 
Septic & Leach Field Treatments Ejection Pit Pumping Septic System Repairs

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