Our exclusive water treatment installations help
to reduce mineral deposits, protect your fixtures
and make your water safe and delicious to drink!


Extremely hard water may shorten the life of plumbing and appliances
and lessen the effectiveness of certain cleaning agents. 

When hard water is heated, the minerals precipitate out of solution
and form scale in the pipes. In addition to narrowing and potentially
clogging the pipes, scale reduces efficient heat transfer making a
water heater with scaly build-up use more energy to heat water. 

Did you know...?  
Hard water also contributes to the formation of soap scum,
bad tasting water and stained laundry.


  We offer several unique water treatment options designed to treat hard water
typically found in most homes and
businesses throughout Vermont:

Whole House Filter Systems

Water Softeners

Ultra Violet Light Systems

Osmosis Systems 


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